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September 6, 2019Irish Heritage Announces New Music Bursary for Vocal Studies

£2,500 award for successful young singer

Irish Heritage is pleased to announce the introduction of a new music bursary for vocal studies valued at £2,500 per annum. The Brackaville Bursary for Vocal Studies as it will be known has been made possible through the generous support of two of the organisation’s Friends.

The new bursary, which complements the organisation’s existing bursaries for performance and composition, is open to first and second generation Irish students attending recognised music conservatoires and colleges in Britain.

The Brackaville Bursary will operate in parallel with the existing bursary for performance and will be awarded to the singer who performs best in the auditions in the Wigmore Hall in London on Thursday 7th November 2019.

In addition to the cash award of £2,500 the recipient will receive a performance opportunity at an Irish Heritage event in London and may be included among those representing the organisation at the Blackwater Valley Opera Festival in Lismore in 2020.

Announcing the new Bursary, Patrick Lennon, Chairman of Irish Heritage said, “For a country of its size Ireland produces an above average number of world class singers and we should nourish that.

“Not only do the current generation of young vocal students face tough competition from their peers from around the world, they also face the financial challenges of realising their dreams. Our new Brackaville Bursary is intended to provide encouragement and practical support to those students pursuing their studies at this country’s leading conservatoires and colleges.

“We are most grateful to two of our generous Friends for providing the funding to launch this valuable new bursary and secure it for three years.”